Sbarc's Story - How can we stay safe on bonfire night?


Pupils will be introduced to bonfire safety by reading Sbarc and the Suprising Bonfire Night. Pupils will get a chance to share what they already know about bonfire night and how to keep safe during the task.  Multiple worksheets are provided for teachers to use which will require pupils to use a variety of different skills.  The teacher can choose which worksheets they feel are most suitable depending on the duration of the lesson. 

How To Use

In pairs pupils to read pages 2 - 3 Sbarc and the Suprising Bonfire Night, one pupil to read each paragraph out loud and their partner to write down as many adjectives as they can from the two pages and note down in the table of worksheet one.  Task 2 pupils to read the rest of the story and identify the important rules that must be followed during bonfire night. Pupils to make a list in their books of these rules.  After making a list in their books puipls could take part in one of the following tasks: 

Option1: Create a poster showing how to keep safe during bonfire night. Have the pupils to present the poster to the class. 

Option 2: Visualisation task (worksheet 2). Hand out a different part of the story to each pupil.  Pupils to create an image that connects with that part of the story, these could be put together to create a large display. 

Option 3: Pupils to review page 8 of the story and explain in their own words what Shula did wrong and why what she did was dangerous and what she should do next. 

At the end of the lessons pupils will know what dangers are associated with fireworks, understand how to avoid these dangers and be able to create a poster on how to stay safe and keep others safe on bonfire night. 


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