Staying Safe on Bonfire Night


In reading the story "Sbarc and the Suprising Bonfire night" and "Sbarc's Firework Code" pupils learn how to stay safe around bonfires and fireworks.  This lesson plan suggests a range of ways for developing pupils understanding of bonfire safety through devising leaflets, posters, presentations, videos or completing the Firework Code Safety Tips worksheet. 

How To Use

Read the story Sbarc and the Surprising Bonfire night and ask pupils to collect and record tips are they are listening.  Explain to the pupils they must share their knowledge with others and encourage them to consider what skills do they have to help them to do this.  This could include creating posters using a desktop publishing program or creating a video using iMovie.  Generate relevant success criteria based on the skills the pupils will be applying for example a poster: clear heading, text boxes, images, bold text for top tips.  An alternative activity is for pupils to complete the Fireworks Code Safety Tips worksheet. 

By the end of the lesson pupils will know how to keep themselves safe on bonfire night, understand how they can reduce the risk of harm to themselves around bonfires and fireworks and be able to make good choices with regards to keeping safe around bonfires and fireworks. 

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